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Is this shutting down your thyroid?

Well, it’s almost the end of September. How’d that happen? 🙂 

That means we are at the end of our focus on thyroid health. Why have we spent an entire month on this? Because:

  1. So many people are experiencing thyroid dysfunction (whether officially diagnosed or not).
  2. Your thyroid affects so many systems. If it isn’t working properly, you can’t be your best YOU. And your best YOU is what the world needs!
  3. There are simple, natural strategies you can implement to improve the health of your thyroid!

In previous emails, we’ve talked about toxins, food sensitivities, and critical thyroid nutrients.

Today I want to focus on the thing that has the biggest impact on your thyroid (and overall) health: Stress.

In today’s world stress runs rampant and often lies hidden as one of the root causes of disease. In a study performed by the Cleveland Clinic, the number one factor they discovered that improves health across the board is pro-actively reducing stress.

How does stress affect your thyroid? Well, when we are under stress, our adrenal glands produce a hormone called cortisol, which produces a number of effects in the body. Concerning the thyroid, when there is too much cortisol in the body, TSH conversion in the brain gets blocked, leading to a buildup of reverse T3, which “puts the brakes” on the thyroid. (TSH and T3 are hormones that play an important role in thyroid function.)

For those of us who recently experienced the extended stress of Hurricane Harvey or Irma, our adrenals were probably working overtime producing excess cortisol. You may have noticed that you felt fatigued, or your appetite was off, for several days after the event passed. I know I did. That’s your adrenals affecting your thyroid.

It’s time to take a comprehensive look at how stress shows up in your life and begin to take small steps to lessen it.

In my coaching practice, I share my 3-layered approach to stress management, as depicted in the Stress Management Pyramid:

  1. Resilience – cultivating a frame of mind and body that is resilient in the face of stress so that you experience stress less frequently, and when you do, you don’t react as strongly.
  2. Reactivity – shifting your mindset through cognitive flexibility exercises so that you are less likely to react to situations in a stressful way.
  3. Release – building a menu of tools that will help you effectively release stress when it does occur.

While I can’t get into all these layers here, I will share my top 3 strategies for building stress resilience:

  1. Mind-Body Nutrition – this includes giving your body adequate vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and adaptogens to help it be stress resilient. But it goes far beyond just what you eat.
  2. Meditation – regular meditation practice can contribute greatly to improving  your stress resilience.
  3. Sleep quality – poor sleep is a stress on your system, while getting consistent, good quality sleep will help you build stress resilience.

If you are looking to reduce your stress, whether its to improve your thyroid health or your overall health, let’s chat! As you know, I offer affordable, effective self-study courses and coaching programs, and I’d love to talk to you to see how I could serve you further.

Just reply to this email and we’ll set up a time to chat on the phone. What’s the worst that could happen? And what’s the best that could happen?

Now go ahead and rock your day!

Two Brazil Nuts a Day …

In this post, I’m continuing to focus on thyroid health. Earlier in the month we covered the effect of toxins and food sensitivities on your thyroid (if you missed those, let me know!). Today I want to talk to you about an important mineral that has a huge impact on your health: Selenium.

Not only does selenium protect us against many health problems associated with the aging process, but selenium is vitally important for thyroid function.

If you are deficient in selenium, your thyroid will have to work harder to produce its hormones, and your body will have more difficulty converting those hormones into a form that your cells can use. This is because selenium is a chief component of the molecules that are necessary for the body to be able to create and use thyroid hormones.

And selenium deficiency is becoming more and more common, for several reasons.

1. The concentration of selenium in our food sources depends on how much selenium is present in the soils where the food is produced. As our soils are getting more and more depleted, the concentrations in foods are decreasing.

2. It’s not just about how much selenium is in the food that you swallow – it’s how much selenium your body actually absorbs that matters. Our ability to absorb nutrients naturally diminishes as we age. And digestive issues (especially those related to chronic stress) inhibit the absorption of minerals.

My favorite way to get the selenium I need? Brazil nuts. They are rich in selenium. Just 2 nuts a day and you’re good to go.

Support your thyroid: try adding Brazil nuts to your routine.

Next week’s email will wrap up our focus on thyroid health. I’ve saved the most impactful factor for last! (of course)

Until then, enjoy your Brazil nuts!

September is all about the Thyroid!

Welcome to September! Lots of good things happening this month, including the first day of fall, and the return of all things pumpkin – in just about every food imaginable.

September is also National Thyroid Cancer Awareness month.

Thyroid health is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. So many of my clients and friends suffer from thyroid dysfunction. I guess that’s not surprising, since about 300 million people worldwide are experiencing thyroid issues, half of which are undiagnosed. And women are more susceptible to thyroid irregularities, and thyroid cancer, than are men.

Your thyroid plays such a big role in your overall health. Symptoms of thyroid dysfunction are all over the place – unexpected weight change, lack of energy, foggy brain, difficulty sleeping, feeling cold, thinning hair, dry skin, depression, anxiety, and more. Yup, it affects lots of things.

That’s why my emails this month are going to focus on what you can do to keep your thyroid healthy, or improve its health if you are experiencing some degree of dysfunction.

One of the major influences on thyroid health is toxic load. More and more evidence suggests that thyroid problems can be caused or exacerbated by toxins in our environment, such as chemicals like chlorine and fluoride in our drinking water; pesticides, hormones, and other chemicals and preservatives in our food; toxins in cleaning and self-care products; environmental pollutants; air fresheners; and more.

Yes, there are a lot of toxins in today’s world. The good news is that our body is equipped to handle at least some level of toxicity. The better news is that there are some simple changes you can make to decrease the toxic load on your body.

1. Improve the quality of water that goes in and on your body. This includes drinking water and bathing water. Try to get a good filter for your drinking water, and avoid drinking plastic bottled water as much as you can. You can also get filters for your shower. You are looking to filter out chlorine, bromine, and fluoride, as these chemicals can interfere with thyroid function.

2. Up your food quality. Begin by using the Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen lists (also available as an app) to prioritize which foods you purchase in organic form in order to reduce your pesticide intake. Also look for meat products that are free of hormones and antibiotics and fish sources that are low in mercury.

3. Choose less toxic personal care products. Start by swapping out your 3-5 most used items, for example, shampoo/conditioner, body wash/soaps, lotions, makeup, deodorant. Check out the app “Think Dirty”. It has many common products broken down into their ingredients and categorized by toxicity level.

4. Switch conventional household cleaning products to non-toxic alternatives.

I suggest you focus on making small shifts in one of these areas at a time.

If you’d like some additional support in detoxing both body and mind, I’m running my popular 14 Day Mind Body Reset Challenge starting September 13. This challenge combines a whole-food cleansing elimination-reintegration protocol with body and mind practices to release toxins and excess bloat from your tissues, reset your digestive system and appetite, and renew your baseline of well-being. You owe it to yourself to check it out!

Stay tuned: in upcoming emails, I’ll reveal another major factor that affects thyroid health and what you can do about it, plus two key nutrients your thyroid needs and how to get them.

Until then…

Let’s Talk … Thyroid!

Did you know: about 300 million people worldwide are experiencing thyroid issues – and half of them don’t even know it!

And women are 10 times more susceptible to thyroid irregularities than are men!

Your thyroid gland plays such a big role in your overall health. Symptoms of thyroid dysfunction are all over the place – unexpected weight change, lack of energy, foggy brain, difficulty sleeping, feeling cold, thinning hair, dry skin, depression, anxiety, and more. Yeah, it affects lots of things.

Traditional medicine detects thyroid dysfunction using a standard blood test measure. Depending on the results, you may then be placed on thyroid medication to adjust the amount of thyroid hormones in your body. There are two major drawbacks to this approach:

  • The standard blood test measure only detects thyroid dysfunction when it has reached a certain stage. It does not detect early thyroid abnormalities.
  • Thyroid medications treat the symptom; they do not address the cause.

Most often when there is a thyroid challenge, it stems from other areas of the body also being out of balance. By restoring this balance, we can improve your thyroid health.

I’m so excited that I am now able to offer a program designed to do just that – restore balance and create the optimal environment for your thyroid to THRIVE!

Introducing the …

Thyroid Health Transformation Program!

Who is this program for?

  • Anyone who has been diagnosed with a thyroid issue, is currently taking thyroid medication, and is looking to improve their thyroid health naturally
  • Anyone who is experiencing the symptoms of a thyroid issue but has not been been placed on thyroid medication

Why this program?

This program was co-created with Dr. Marcelle Pick (OB/GYN, NP, IFM Certified Practitioner), who has been practicing functional medicine for 30 years.

The program combines Dr. Pick’s thyroid health protocol with powerful coaching methods to create an experience uniquely designed to address your thyroid health in a way that’s never been possible before. In this program, you will:

  • Learn how to make yourself a priority within the context of your busy lifestyle
  • Take charge of your life and your health without compromising everything else
  • Learn how to eat to support healthy thyroid function
  • Identify and remove toxins that affect your thyroid health
  • Build stress resilience and practice stress reduction techniques
  • Turn new healthy habits into behaviors that last

Most importantly, as a participant in this program, I offer you a safe environment where you can fully express yourself, perhaps in a way you have never been able to before. I will be there to support you, to challenge you, to stretch you into being the best YOU possible.


How does this program work?

When you enroll in the Thyroid Health Transformation program, you receive:

  • Twelve weekly, private 60 minute coaching sessions with yours truly. During these coaching calls, I share curated information and customized coaching exercises designed to accelerate your results and help you achieve major breakthroughs.
  • Communication between appointments via email and/or Facebook message.
  • Two emergency 15 minute calls, in case you get stuck and aren’t sure what to do. (And you get to decide what counts as an emergency.)
  • Customized curated done-for-you materials such as checklists, handouts, exercises, and more. This program doesn’t exist to give you MORE information, it exists to give you CURATED information. What this means is that you can expect to receive information that is relevant, practical, and actionable, so that you can stay out of overwhelm and in action.

I’m interested. What’s my next step?

Easy – let’s talk to see if this program really is right for you! Just click this link to schedule a call.

To your health,